Core Network

The ECG is supported by an invaluable network of collaborators. Foremost among these is our sister lab run by Prof. Paul Fletcher at Cambridge Psychiatry and Addenbrooke’s hospital, and our core network of collaborators at UCL and Zurich. Lab members are encouraged to travel between our collaborator network to enrich their research training!


Aarhus University

The ECG is supported by key collaborators in and around Aarhus University:

Danish Pain Research Center


Interacting Minds Centre


Danish Neuroscience Center and CFIN

University of Cambridge

Cambridge Psychiatry

Cambridge Psychology

University College London

Wellcome Human Neuroimaging Centre

Max-Planck Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Aging

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

ETH Zürich



We’re a member of the Skuldnet Consortium! Skuldnet is an international neuroscience consortium established with the aim of exploring the neural architecture of consciousness. The main focus of SkuldNet is linking magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based neuroarchitectural mapping to normal variation in conscious experience (basic science branch) as well as to diagnosis/prognosis for a range of brain disorders, which have altered or reduced consciousness as a typical symptom.