Join the ECG!

In 2019-2020, the ECG will be hiring a variety of positions both at the Danish Neuroscience Centre at Aarhus University Hospital and at Cambridge Psychiatry. These include:

Research Assistants

We’re looking to recruit at least one full time research assistant for our large-scale neuroimaging project in Aarhus. This position will act as a lab manager and go-to person for day to day activities including recruitment and screening of research participants, neuroimaging data collection, preparation of ethics application, and other projects. Prior experience with psychological or biomedical data collection strongly desired; excellent organizational and interpersonal skills are a must. Fluency with Danish is desirable but not absolutely necessary.

Phd Students

If you would like to pursue a PhD in the cognitive neuroscience of brain-body interaction, metacognition, or computational psychiatry get in touch! We’re hiring PhD students in Aarhus and Cambridge Psychiatry, and are always happy to discuss potential PhD Fellowship applications. In particular, we’re looking to recruit PhD students for projects investigating the causal manipulation of interoceptive prediction error. For the Aarhus position, a complete project proposal will need to be prepared together with Dr. Allen, so please look at the submission deadlines and get in touch well in advance.

Postdoctoral Fellows

We are currently recruiting motivated postdocs with a passion for brain-body interaction, metacognition, and the computational neuroscience of decision-making. In particular, we’re looking for researchers with a background in any of the following: psychophysics, computational modelling, psychophysiological modelling, machine learning, and/or neuroimaging (primarily fMRI and MEG). As these positions require a moderate to high level of sophistication with coding tasks and analyses pipelines, prior experience with matlab, r, or python and a well-documented github page is strongly desired.

Research Visits and Fellowship Applications

We welcome research visits, internships, and international fellowship applicants. If you would like to join the ECG, get in touch! We’re happy to discuss funding and collaboration opportunities within and beyond Denmark. Interested potential lab members should send a statement of interest to Micah Allen (micah.allen AT medschl DOT Please include a brief message explaining your interest in the lab, and a CV describing your prior research experience and training.